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Wizard Presents: Meet Pippi Longstocking

Updated: Mar 15


Review: Wizard Presents Meet Pippi Longstocking. On until 29 October. Tickets £8. Book here.

[Disclosure: The Story Museum provided our young reviewer with a ticket for the purposes of this review.]

Meet Pippi Longstocking, is a Wizard Presents production. Written by Astrid Lindgren, the classic Pippi Longstocking stories follow the adventures of a young girl, Pippi, who lives all alone in her house called Villa Villekulla with her horse and her monkey. Pippi uses her incredible physical strength and mental resilience to have fantastic adventures with her young neighbours, Annika and Tommy.

This Wizard Presents’ production is brought to life by Sofie Miller, who tells Pippi’s story and plays all of the characters herself. Sofie was truly extraordinary! Using only a treasure-chest-like travelling case, and a few simple props, Sofie was able to conjure up Pippi’s entire world. Since the set was so minimal, it helped to free up my imagination to evoke the scenes Sofie described.

The show was quite interactive. Sometimes Sofie would ask the audience questions. One of my favourite moments was when Sofie told everyone that Pippi could lift a horse above her head. Not to be outdone, a little girl in the audience told us all that she could, “lift two horses above my head”.

I also enjoyed when Sofie became “thing-finder” and went hunting for things, finding a necklace and a travelling case. It was especially exciting to be able to make your own special necklace after the show!

It was great to see so many little girls at the show because Pippi is a feminist icon, and it’s not often you see a female character who is so incredibly strong, both physically and mentally. I hope that parents will take their sons to the show too because it’s fantastic for them to see and appreciate a strong female adventurer.

Picture of Sofie Miller and Wizard Presents' artistic director, Danyah Miller.

I loved this production. I’m really sad that this is Wizard Presents’ last show – so go and see it while you can. I can’t wait to see what artistic director, Danyah Miller comes up with in the future. I’m sure it will be magical.


Young reviewer, Charlotte Trichard, has been going to the theatre regularly since she was a baby and is so happy to be going back to the theatre in real life. Charlotte loves fencing and she plays the piano.

Safeguarding procedures were in place throughout the review process including a chaperone during the show.

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