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Privacy and Cookies Policy


This Privacy and Cookies Policy explains how we collect information about you, the type of information that we collect and what we do with the information that we collect.  


This Policy also sets out your rights and what you can do if you have any questions, problem or complaints.


As the owner of Quaere Living, Quaere Limited will collect, use, share and disclose or otherwise process your personal information in line with this Policy.


The Controller is Quaere Limited, ICO No: ZA319114.  

What We Collect

We may collect personal data, which is data that can identify you and non-personal data, which is data about you that does not identify you. 


-Personal Data

We only collect personal data that you have voluntarily, proactively and consentually given us.  We will only use your personal data for the reason you have given it to us – because by giving it to us, you have consented to the use of your personal data for that purpose.


For example, if you subscribe to our newsletter by giving us your name and email address – we will use your name and email address to send you a newsletter.  We will not use your name and email address for any other purpose unless you have also consented to that other purpose.


​-Non personal data

Much of the data that we collect is collected automatically from your device by the software we use to create and publish Quaere Living.  We cannot identify you from the data that is automatically collected by the software we use to create and publish Quaere Living.


Data is automatically collected when you interact with the blog Quaere Living when you go onto our website  


Data is also automatically collected by Google if you find Quaere Living through a google search.  The data collected by Google and shared with us does not identify you.


The data that is automatically collected by our hosting and publishing software can include:

·    information about your device type, operating system, hardware, software, display settings and browser type to tailor your experience to your device (tablet vs phone);

·    unique identifiers like IP address, so that we can recognise if you have been to our website Quaere Living before and allow your device to interact with our website Quaere Living and any  apps that we may develop in the future;

·    device settings such as general geographic location; and

·    device operations, such as information about how you’ve used the device on Quaere Living, so that we can tailor the experience based on the way you or similar users interact with our content.


The software we use to create and publish Quaere Living may also automatically collect information from cookies placed on your device and store other cookies and technologies.  Please see our section below on cookies. 


Interacting with content

If you interact with our content, for example by posting a comment, we may display this content indefinitely in any relevant context, subject to our editorial judgement and your rights as set out in this Policy. 


If you have posted a comment that makes it easy to identify you and you would like to have it removed, please contact the editor on who will use reasonable efforts to remove the comment from the site in a reasonable amount of time.  


However, we may keep a record of the comment for the period set out in the Limitation Act 1980 particularly if, in our sole opinion, the comment may breach laws in the UK.


Any information about yourself or others that you post on our social media pages, on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and other chat rooms, blogs and forums, will be viewed by others (including search engines), over whom we have no control. 


You are responsible for the information you choose to post or otherwise make available in public areas, and you acknowledge that this may be collected and used by third parties.

How and Where 

Quaere Living is created using Wix and is hosted by Wix.  All data is collected and stored by Wix.  You can read Wix’s privacy policy here:


If you have provided us with your email address by emailing us directly or you require us to email you, then your personal data will be stored on our email system – which is owned by Microsoft.  Details of how Microsoft Office 365 deals with personal data and security can be found here: 

What we do with the data we collect

The reason we collect personal and non-personal data is to:

     publish Quaere Living over the internet, in hard copy and on Quaere Living’s social media pages;

·    help with posting, commenting and interacting on the Quaere Living website or any Quaere Living social media accounts;

·    provide any users with assistance in relation to their interaction with Quaere Living;

·    contact our users with general or personalised services, related notices and promotions, if they have agreed to such contact;

·    create aggregated statistical data so that we can look at how well Quaere Living is performing;

·    make sure our services are used properly;

·    make sure our services comply with industry standards;

·    help with a change of control and/or sale of our business; and

·    comply with our legal obligations and protect our rights.


Do we share your personal data?

We do not share your personal data without your consent except:

·    if asked to by a law enforcement officer or an officer of the court for the purposes of a criminal investigation;

·    if compelled to by law;

·    incidentally, our accountants may see data that when processing invoices and providing tax advice. Our accountants are bound by obligations of confidentiality;

·    incidentally, with any contractors or other professional services that we use – who will be bound by obligations of confidentiality;

·    if you tell us to, in writing; or

·    if Quaere Ltd or Quaere Living is sold, any personal data will be shared with the new owners.

How long? 

Any data that is kept for the purposes of publishing Quaere Living, will be kept for as long as Quaere Living is published or for as long as Quaere Living has social media accounts.  


Any personal data that you provide to us for a specific purpose will be kept for as long as that purpose remains relevant and after that for a period of 15 years. This time period of 15 years reflects the time limits set out in the Limitations Act 1980. Details of how long Microsoft keep archives can be found here:


Cookies and other online tracking technologies are small bits of data or code that are used to identify your devices when you use and interact with us. They are often used for remembering your preferences.

The technology used to build our website can automatically collect and store cookies and they are used for a number of purposes including helping you to access Quaere Living.

Most modern browsers are set to accept cookies by default, but you can change your settings to notify you when a cookie is being set or updated, or to block cookies altogether. Please consult the "Help" section of your browser.


In addition to being able to control cookies by changing the settings in your browser on your computer, or on your mobile device's settings, you can also control which companies can set cookies and similar technologies on your devices, by visiting the following links (you'll need to turn any cookie or ad blockers off for the control pages to show which companies you can opt-out of):

·    Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Your Online Choices website provides more information about controlling cookies. It also provides an easy way to opt-out of behavioural advertising from each (or all) of the networks represented by the European Interactive Digital Advertising

·    The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) allows you to control behavioural advertising from each of the ad networks represented by the NAI:!%2F

·    The Digital Advertising Alliance's self-regulatory program for online behavioural advertising control page allows you to control behavioural advertising from the ad networks it represents.

·    The News IQ website provides more information, and an easy way to opt-out:

·    Opt out of Ozone platform cookies here:

·    Opt out Octave Audio by emailing info@octaveip.comand putting 'Octave Audio Opt Out' in the subject line. You will also need to change your cookie settings. 


Importantly, these ad networks set cookies to remember that you have chosen to opt-out. If you clear your cache the opt-outs will not be applied, and you would need to opt-out again.

Changing and deleting your personal data 

We will change or delete any personal data at your written request but only in so far as this does not conflict with our need to keep data in accordance with the time limits set out in the Limitations Act 1980.



If you have a question, comment or complaint about the way we use your personal data and non-personal data, then please contact the editor:  


You have the right to lodge a complaint about the way we collect, store and use your personal data with the UK’s Information Commissioner, John Edwards, at the Information Commissioner’s Office here:


Copyright in this Privacy and Cookies Policy is owned by Quaere Ltd.  

© Quaere Ltd 2022

This Cookies and Privacy Policy has been drafted specifically for Quaere Living. 

Last Amended: 10 January 2022.

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