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Ethics and Disclosure Policy

Quaere Living is committed to providing an ethical, transparent service. Here is what we do.


Editorial ethics

Quaere Living complies with the Independent Press Standards Organisation’s The Editors Code of Practice, which you are find here

Free things

We never accept products/tickets in exchange for a positive review.

If we do accept free products/tickets, we will provide an honest review and will make it clear, at the beginning of the post, that the product/tickets were free. 

If the product/show is utterly terrible, then we may choose not to review the show/product at all. 


People who have things to sell

Sometimes, we will write an article about people who have written a book or have a business – that is – people who have things to sell.  We only choose people to interview who are personally interesting to us and that we think you might be interested in too.  We will make it clear the basis on which we have written the post at the beginning of the post. 


Advertising and sponsored posts

If we are approached for advertising and/or sponsored posts, then we will be very clear, at the beginning of a post, whether it is sponsored or advertising.  We will only do a sponsored post or advertising when the product/brand shares our values and we genuinely think it is an excellent product/brand.  

If at any point, we use third party ad networks on the site, they will be clearly displayed as paid advertisements.


Conflicts of Interest

We will, to the best of our knowledge, avoid writing posts that are a conflict of interest. Catherine Flutsch is a trustee of Creation Theatre company.  Catherine's interest in Creation Theatre company will be clearly flagged at the beginning of anything that she writes about the company or its shows.  We will use our best endeavours to uncover interests in relation to our contributors’ content and where we know about an interest, we will either not publish a post or declare it clearly.  Our contributors are bound by our Content Creators’ Guidelines. 


Copyright in this Ethics and Disclosure Policy is owned by Quaere Ltd.  

© Quaere Ltd 2020

This Ethics and Disclosure Policy has been drafted specifically for Quaere Living.  If you need (very affordable) help with your own policies, please contact Catherine.Flutsch@quaere.org.uk at Quaere Limited, which has helped many small businesses implement best practices.

Last Amended: 2 July 2021.