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Content Creators’ Guidelines


We are honoured that you would like to contribute content to Quaere Living.  In our Content Creators’ Guidelines, we set out the terms and conditions that will govern your submission of content to us and our use of that content.  

We have some very specific values that we uphold when it comes to content provided by Quaere Living. All content provided to the public by Quaere Living must be legal, respectful and tasteful (in our sole opinion).

We will not publish any content that humiliates, degrades or abuses any person or groups of people.  

Your promise

By sending in content to us, you are confirming that your content:

  • is original content that you have created yourself without copying anybody else;

  • does not defame anybody or breach anybody’s legal rights, such as their intellectual property rights or contractual rights;

  • is accurate, for example, facts/quotes.  We may ask you to provide us with your source references as we may wish to further fact check content but this does not absolve you from making your content is accurate;

  • respects privacy and has not been created by harassing any person or group;

  • is not based on information gathered by the use of hidden recording devices or by subterfuge; and

  • does not knowingly manipulate the value of shares and securities for your benefit or the benefit of your family and friends.

How can we use your content?

When you submit content to us, unless you tell us otherwise, we will be able to use the content by publishing it on the Quaere Living website, and we may publish it in any future hard copy Quaere Living magazine, book or other hard copy media. We will also be able to use it on social media.  This type of use by us is called a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licenceable, perpetual royalty free worldwide licence and you waive the benefit of any moral rights you have.  

You will retain all ownership rights in your content.

If you believe that your rights have been infringed in relation to your content, please contact

The dangers of providing your content to the public

As anybody with a twitter account knows, when you share your content with the public, there is always a danger that it, and as a result, you, will attract unwanted and/or negative attention.  While we try to protect our contributors by not publishing anything that we think may cause authors damage, we cannot predict what will happen.  

Please be aware that although we do our best to protect authors, you share your content with the public at your own risk.


Sharing your content with the world can be exciting but also scary.  If you have any concerns or questions, you can contact Quaere Living’s editor at


Copyright in these Content Creators’ Guidelines is owned by Quaere Ltd.  

© Quaere Ltd 2022

These Content Creators' Guidelines have been drafted specifically for Quaere Living.  If you need (very affordable) help with your own policies, please contact at Quaere Limited, which has helped many small businesses implement best practices.

Last Amended: 8 December 2020.

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