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Catherine Flutsch - Editor

I'm a lawyer by profession and have practiced law in Sydney, Tokyo and London.  While I was a lawyer, I started getting interested in efficiencies and I moved into working in law firm management.

When I took time off to be a full time parent, I was able to fully indulge in my passion for the arts.  I started painting, took up the piano, became a cultural critic for Playstosee (and got to see a lot of theatre/dance/concerts) and started to write more than just contracts! 

Learning new things as an adult has been one of the great joys in my life and that is why I started Quaere Living. I want to keep learning and to share that sense of satisfaction and wonder with others.

 I want to Quaere Living to be a place where people can learn interesting things and inspire each other with an open mind and a compassionate heart.

My hope is that the content on this site will enrich your life in some small way.

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Dr Rana Traboulsi - Features Writer

Dr Rana Traboulsi’s area of expertise is in French literature (Nouveau Roman) but her tastes are eclectic and range from Proust to vampire novels.  Rana moved from Beirut to Oxford in her mid 20s for love and she finished her PhD (the Lebanese University) while in Oxford at the same time as having a family.  


Rana is also a linguist and is fluent in English, Arabic and French and provides specialist translation services for companies in the US, China and the Middle East.  


Rana loves fashion and design, art and science.  She is also a runner who takes advantage of all the beautiful running paths Oxford has to offer.  Pre-lockdown, Rana split her time between Oxford, Beirut and Hong Kong. 


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