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Children's Theatre: Winnie & Wilbur - A Christmas Adventure


Review: Wild Boor Ideas in association with The Mill Arts Centre, and the Jacqueline du Pre Music Building. Open until 23 December 2024. Tickets from £6, under 2s free. Book tickets here.

[Disclosure: Our young reviewer and chaperone received free tickets for the purposes of this review.]

Every year, at Christmas, there are a lot of magical children's theatre shows in Oxford. This production of Winnie & Wilbur is one of them – and is, I think, the perfect Christmas treat! This show is based on the best-selling picture book series written by Valerie Thomas and illustrated by the amazing Korky Paul.

In this lovely show, the magic starts as soon as you step into the building and are handed a magic wand. The wand is essential later on when you must help Winnie cast magic spells.

The story follows Winnie, an eccentric and slightly chaotic witch, who lives in a huge, haunted mansion with her sensible black cat, Wilbur. Winnie’s idea of fun is having adventures, but Wilbur’s idea of enjoyment is having a cosy time sleeping in front of the fireplace.  Wilbur makes a Christmas gift list – which features a cosy blanket to snuggle up with.

Wilbur’s dreams of a relaxing Christmas are shattered when on Christmas Eve,  Winnie proposes that they go on a number of different adventures; to the moon, the North Pole, and under the sea.  Wilbur doesn’t realise that Winnie is planning all of these adventures so that she can buy all the presents on Wilbur’s wish list; like a magical form of last minute Christmas shopping.

Wilbur reluctantly goes with Winnie on these adventures.  On the way, they meet lots of different creatures- including a space rabbit, an octopus that becomes besotted with Winnie, and a naughty seal.  There are also lots of opportunities for Winnie to use her magic and for us, the audience, to use our magic wands.

Although this production is for very little children, I definitely enjoyed myself.  The production values are high – the sets, songs, choreography, puppets, and costumes are beautiful and colourful. And the story is exciting but very gentle.  There’s an opportunity to meet the cast afterwards, and judging by the excited squeals in the foyer after the show,  this opportunity is proving very popular.


All in all, Winnie & Wilbur is a lovely, gentle addition to Oxford’s children's theatre Christmas offerings, and a real treat.


Safe guarding procedures were in place for our young reviewer during the review process.


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