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New Year's Resolutions: The Case For

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Like almost everyone, I’ve read the research on new year’s resolutions – the overwhelming majority fail. So, rather than making a list of targets to achieve - on 1 January 2020, I posted a tweet, listing the way I was aiming to live in 2020.

Here’s that tweet:

And Oh Boy! Those aims got me through 2020!

This year, there have been many times I’ve felt frustrated. One frustration that raised its head a few times this year was living in an unfinished house. Just before lockdown, we were starting the process of having our house redecorated – the damage from subsidence having been finally rectified and signed off by the engineers – the prettifying was just about to begin. The reminder to live humbly and with gratitude meant that I was able to see the situation as it really was. No problem at all in the scheme of things.

The reminder to live with compassion helped me deal with my anger when I saw people ignoring social distancing and self-isolation rules to socialise. Compassion helped give me perspective on why some people find it so difficult to self-isolate, practice social distancing and mask wearing.

All my other aims helped me deal with difficult situations in various ways throughout the year and without being able to refer back to them, to be reminded of them, I may have found 2020 much more difficult.

Although I didn’t always live up to my aims, I did constantly refer back to them and whenever I strayed, they brought me back on track.

Rather than create a list of things to achieve, in 2021 I will again create a list of new year’s aims as resolutions – a Mission Statement, if you like, to help keep me on track. I won’t always succeed, but I’ll always come back to them. I know I will. I did it this year.

So my friends, here they are my new year’s resolutions for 2021.

· Live humbly.

· Live with gratitude

· Live responsibly toward the planet and the people I love.

· Live with compassion

· Live vegan, eating only plants.

· Live with a service mentality – serving my community where I can.

· Live with positivity – avoiding people and situations filled with toxicity, consumerism, hate and jealousy.

· Live bravely – facing reality head on no matter how uncomfortable.

· Live pragmatically – saying no when it’s necessary for my own health and for the wellbeing of the people who depend on me.

· Live with righteous anger – standing up against injustice whenever I have the power to do so.

· Live Informed – keep informed in a responsible but not obsessive way.

· Live with communication and connection.

· Live authentically – living in accordance with my own values so I can be proud of myself.


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